About Us

We are USA distributor of following brands:

  • iBasso - Headphone Amps, DX50/DX90/DX100 High Resolution Music Players
  • Dignis - Handcrafted luxury Italian leather case for iBasso, SONY, FiiO, Iphone 6 & 6 plus
  • Lotoo - Paw Gold and professional recording gear.
  • xDuoo - Headphone Amplifiers, Tube Amps
  • Cayin - Headphone Amps C5, C6 and N6 DAP
  • Fidue - High Definition Earphones A71, A81, and A83
  • Hidizs - AP100 Digital Audio Player
  • Aune - Portable Headphone Amplifiers/DAC
  • Bravo Audio - Headphone Amplifiers
  • Extreme Audio brand audio cables, portable chargers and accessories.

For wholesale or dealership inquiry, please contact sales@extremeaudiousa.com

All items distributed by us come with one year USA limited warranty.  Please contact your authorized retailer for warranty services.