Dignis Italian Leather Case for iBasso DX90/DX50

Description of Buttero leather

The leather used in this product is one of Italy's premier tanneries.  'Buttero' leather has high density and compact tissue.  This leather is vegetable-tanned, resulting in its soft and smooth texture.  The high oil content adds to the glossiness of the leather as well. 

Product features and care instructions

  • This product has been created with genuine Italian natural leather.
  • All leather is dyed so when it becomes damp from rain, sweat, or other sources of moisture, the dye may transfer to the skin or clothing. This is a characteristic of all leather products and is not a defect.  Exercise special caution when handling or wearing damp leather products.
  • Damp leather should be dried in a shaded area with good ventilation.  Avoid exposing damp leather to direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  • Store leather products in cool, dry places
  • Gently remove dust from leather with a dry cloth or brush
  • Clean soiled leather surfaces with saddle soap or other leather cleaner and then apply neat's foot oil, glycerine, or lanolin to maintain the leather's natural suppleness.
  • Dry leather can be restored to its natural suppleness by gently rubbing with a cleanser and applying a light coating of leather cream or lotion.